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We understand we aren’t the right pet sitting company for everyone. Here at Kings & Queens Pet Sitting we believe
that our pets are a part of our family and that their routine shouldn’t have to be changed because you have to leave.
If you aren’t sure if we are the right company to go with please take a look at some qualities our clients have.



You might be a KQPS client if…


1. Your pets eat healthier than you.


2. You throw your pet a birthday or “gotcha day” party!



3. You own any of the following human products for your pet:

-car seat
-chest carrier

4. Your car stick family includes them


5. Your pets have more beds than you, yet they still take over your bed







6. You shield your pet’s ears or speak softer when talking about them









7. You are subscribed to dog/cat tv







8. Your pets have clothes for each season







9. Your pet gets more attention than your significant other


10. Your pet has play dates


11. Your pet has their own room


12. Your pet has a spa day








13. You have in depth conversations with your pet because they understand you better than anyone


14. You are always showing your friends pictures of the latest cute thing your pet did







15. If you turn down a night with friends to hang out with your pet.

-This is OK occasionally, however, extended periods without human interaction can result in poor behavior in public. Ex. Not knowing how to carrying on a conversation with someone actually speaking to you, thinking everyone is an idiot and your dog is the smartest person you know, Speaking to your friend’s children as if they were pets i.e. “good boy”, “wanna play fetch”, etc. Please make sure and get out and socialize with humans on occasion, no matter how hard it may be.





Hey, we aren’t judging, we understand. Go ahead and give us a call, because we may be your only friends!