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Summer in Texas can be brutal, and if you are like me, you love taking my dogs everywhere with you! To the park, swimming at the lake, outdoor events, and more! I know I get hot, so I know my dogs are hot. Here are some great products to keep your pets cool and safe this summer!


Cooling Vest

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Cooling vests are wonderful for your dog if they loves going places with you. There are a couple different options you can choose from, but we found that the ones that use water or need to be frozen for a short period of time are best. There are ones that are made with a petroleum based phase changing material, but if it broke open for any reason it could cause harm to your dog. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler vests are great and easy to use. Just soak in cool water, ring it out, and fasten it to your dog. Evaporative cooling exchanges the dog’s heat as water evaporates from the coat’s reservoir. Temperatures drop through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor mimicking the cooling effect of human’s sweat.


Cooling Collar

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The KoolCollar for dogs is similar to the cooling vest. It mimics the cooling effect of human’s sweat. You can fill the collar with ice or buy a Kool tube freezer tube. As the dog’s temperature rises the ice melts and runs down the very vascular chest area of the dog. These last up to an hour depending on the temperature and the activity level of the dog.


Cooling Pad

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These are great if your dog needs to be in a kennel and they are very easy to roll up and take with you. There are some out there that use electricity and some that use the petroleum based material. I wouldn’t recommend either of these just for the safety of your pet. The Green Pet Shop  offers a non toxi cooling pad that doesn’t need refrigeration, electricity, or water. K&H makes a cooling bed that you fill with water if you prefer. It may not be ideal to carry to events or keep in a crate due to popping and not having the water at hand to fill it.


Misting Fan

Misting fans are great for you and your dog and can be found at drug stores for under $10.


Portable Water Bowl

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You and your pet need to stay hydrated! Keeping them hydrated couldn’t be easier with the handi-drink pet water bottles. You can also purchase a collapsible water bowl. These products are under $10 and something you should definitely have! If your dog gets bored easily give them something to chew on! Nylabone makes a great durable product and you can freeze this for a refreshing snack!


Even with these products it’s always best to monitor your pups in extreme heat. Know what to watch for, so your pup doesn’t get heat stroke!

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