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Are you looking for a new feline friend? Cats are great lounge buddies and sometimes supply the entertainment. When looking to adopt a cat, whether a kitten or an adult, there are a few qualities you are sure to want them to have!

    1.  Friendly-

      Aslan is super friendly and loves to be petted by anyone, even if he has never met them!

    2.  Loving/ Affectionate- 
    3.  Intelligent-

      1. Playful-

  1. Adventurous-

    Aslan checking out the outdoors while getting to know the dogs!


UPDATE: Aslan has been adopted to a wonderful home and is doing great!


If this sounds like qualities you want in a cat then Aslan might be the perfect kitty for you!

Aslan was found on the shoulder of I-30 in Dallas at around 2 months old. He appeared to have been thrown from a car. I stopped to get him and remember the moment when he decided to trust and turned towards me, and I put him into a pail. Some vet visits cured him of worms and his left back leg was broken just above the knee, but was best to be left alone and heal. 

Fast forward 4 months and he jumps high and runs fast with that leg showing no signs of problems- he stopped limping after a week. He has a little bit of a soft stool, but keeping him on a diet of Hill’s r/d wet and dry food it seems to be improving. He has had all of his shots and to prevent future urinary problems, we believe 8 months to be the ideal time to neuter a male cat and so he remains intact at this moment.

Aslan is the perfect “mojito” cat (Jackson Galaxy)- confident, curious, and playful. And might I add, affectionate. When he is touched,  he purrs. He likes to greet by touching noses. Often even before I sit down he wants to jump onto my lap. He is sleeping on my lap now as I write this. I wanted so much to keep him, but have been driven to this difficult decision because of a fearful and sick 14 year old cat and a need to prepare for a move out of state. (Message from his rescuer)


If you would like to give Aslan a loving home please call #817-538-7009 for more information on him. He has been great with dogs and cats as long as they are properly socialized. Please be sure you have the time to get him socialized to his new family members and environment! 

Look deep into my eyes and say you don't want to take me home....

Look deep into my eyes and say you don’t want to take me home….