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When I moved to an apartment I said I was not going to get a dog because of the lack of space, but after 2 years of living without one my life was missing something. That is when I adopted Dojah! She was the perfect apartment pup! Unlike most Pit Bulls, she is very laid back and independent. We would go to the park and go on walks every day. She didn’t mind the apartment life at all!


There are so many benefits to becoming a pet owner. Pets bring a unique positive vibe to your life, your home and heart. Granted, there is a huge responsibility when you become a pet owner and you will have to work to care for that pet, but the rewards pretty much trump those tasks. Keep reading to learn more!


4 benefits to owning a pet are:


1. Buddy system. Having a pet will mean you always have a pal. When you return home after a hard day’s work that pet is thrilled to see you! You can take your pet with you on trips, walks and just hang out in the back yard with that little someone.

2. Health Benefits! Studies show that having a pet actually reduces blood pressure, helps decrease anxiety and increases your health in a positive way.   When you have a dog you need to take them for a walk, which in turn helps you! Hey, we could all stand to lose a couple pounds right?

3. Even if you have a teeny weeny pup, he can act as an alarm and alert you in the night if an intruder is around. That alone is worth its weight in gold. Not to mention a pup is a deterrent to the bad folks looking to break in at zero dark thirty.

4. Being Happy! Yes, having a pet can make you just plain happy! Especially adopting a pet! Saving a life brings a certain type of happiness to your being that not much else can match. Dogs are most especially loving in the most unconditional way. How can anyone not smile and feel their heart grow when their dog gives them that goofy grin, asks you to play ball or just cozies up at night?

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