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That’s me!

blu dojah

My brother always wants the toys I have.



  Hi everyone, my name is Dojah! I am just your average happy go lucky pooch. I love to chase squirrels, play tug of war, go for walks, and play with my brother, Blu!





Me in puppy jail…

  My life wasn’t always like this. You see, I used to live on the streets and no one wanted me.  One day I got picked up and taken to this awful jail where a lot of other dogs were.  I waited there forever!  My mom says like 20 days, but it was forever.  Then they told me that my time was almost up.  When my mom came to see me one day she said she loved me and I was going to go home! 

   Some people say mean things about me to my mom, but she always sticks up for me.  I am really nice, but people say I’m scary looking and mean.  So any of you pups out there that people say your an “aggressive breed” tell your parents to call my mom, she will love you!  

I love my life so much now that I thought I would share with you what my day looks like!


  First, I always like to get up about 15 minutes before my mom’s alarm goes off. I go over to her side of the bed and lick her face to tell her good morning.  Then once she notices me I get so excited and I wag my tail against the dresser as hard as I can and that will usually get her up out of bed.  I then follow her into the bathroom and lay on the rug where she stands to get ready.  I try to get as close to her as possible to let her know I am there, plus I don’t like the feel of cold tile that early in the morning.  Once she is finished I know it’s time for breakfast!  My brother and I run into the kitchen.  We like to eat our food as fast as we can to see who finishes first, but mom doesn’t like it.  She always interferes and makes us go slower; I blame her for losing all the time.  Next, we go outside and check the yard for squirrels or any other trespassers. I have almost caught some, but Blu gets in the way. He doesn’t understand that they need to be chased after!



Here squirrely squirrel


  After I make sure the yard is safe we go in and mom gives us kisses and a treat and then leaves.  She says she is going to work, but when she gets home she always smells like other dogs and cats!  Anyways, once she leaves I go in the kitchen to make sure there is no food on the floor.  I like for her to come home to a clean house of course!  Then I find my other brother, Mittens, to see what he is doing.  He is usually sleeping so I wake him up and try to play with him.  He is not like me; he meows.  When he doesn’t play with me I like to toss my toys around in front of Blu.  You see Blu is still a pup, so he has to stay in a kennel.  I like to show off and show him how much fun it is to be an adult and FREE! I finally get tired and take a nap until mom gets home.


I like to annoy Mittens









  I hear her car and then the garage….MOM IS HOME!  I run as fast as I can to meet her at the door. It is a challenge because the floors are very slippery and I tend to slide into the kitchen cabinet when I turn the corner. I try to jump up to give her a kiss! She tells me not to, but I can’t help it I missed her so much!  She gives me a hug and asks me how my day was…  If only she knew! Once she is home I know we are going to do something fun; she loves to take us on adventures.  We go for walks, to the park, riding in the car, she takes us everywhere!



At a crawfish Boil





My brother and I going for a walk












    When we get back home I get really thirsty and make sure to drink a lot of water! I like to leave a trail from the water bowl to where I am laying in the house to make sure mom knows where to find me!  Mom runs around the house for awhile and I try to keep up, following her everywhere she goes.  Finally she settles down on the couch and I jump up right next to her. Blu can sit on the other side of me, he needs to understand that I am her favorite and I am the only one that gets to sit next to her.  We get to snuggle up for awhile until she says “bedtime” then we go back to our bed and go to sleep.  It takes me a little bit longer to get to sleep, my brother and I share a bed and he snores!




Move over Blu!



Are you worried your media labeled aggressive breeds aren’t going to get the same treatment as all of the other breeds? Have you had a bad experience with a previous sitter or kennel that bullied your bully breed? Give us a call. We understand what you go through and we are here to help!