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UPDATE: Dylan found his forever home right before Christmas! We have been so busy over the holiday season plus we wanted to make sure he worked out in his new home before updating everyone. It was truly a Christmas Miracle! After posting this article on Dylan he escaped the yard he was in and luckily he was chipped and we got a call that he found his way to the shelter not too far from where he was. I went to pick him up, but didn’t want to leave him in the yard for fear he’d get out again and get hit by a car. I did everything I could to secure the fence. He likes to dig when he’s bored like most pups. During the drive home I was so mad that this was happening to him and asked my dad for guidance and hoped someone would call soon for him. Well, when I got home I got a call from this lady saying she found him through I spent an hour talking to her and the rest of the night sending texts back and forth. She had a large home with lots of acres and cats and dogs of her own. She wanted to meet the next day to take him home and see how he did with her fur kids. It was meant to be! After a couple of days I was getting texts with pictures of him cuddling with them and playing with his new brothers and sister. We talk almost every week and they said we can visit anytime. I can’t thank his new parents enough! They are such a blessing to us! Check out these great pictures of Dylan enjoying his new home!

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Hi! My name is Dylan and I am about 5 years old and in need of a family for Christmas. I am a Catahoula Leopard pup with a good amount of energy. I would love kids to play with and a large back yard and maybe even a 4 legged sibling like myself. I don’t know what cats are, but I am sure after a while to get used to them and some training we could be best friends. I grew up around medium sized dogs, but I enjoy playing with small dogs too. I need to be socialized and properly introduced to any new pup though!

About 3 years ago I was at the Arlington Animal Shelter and they took me to Petsmart to find a family and that’s when my dad found me. He just had to have me and when he adopted me he took me shopping for all kinds of stuff. A comfy bed, new toys, and treats! When I got to my new home I met my sister (terrier mix) and it took us a few days to become friends, but when we did we were inseparable.

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That’s Osha and me! <3

I loved my life! I had a large backyard Osha and I would play all day. My human siblings played with us and took us on car rides. About 2 years after I was adopted my dad started to not do so well. I could tell he didn’t feel good and he didn’t spend as much time with us. Then one day we moved and we had to stay outside at our new house. My dad built us a nice dog house with a heater, but it wasn’t the same. Osha started to slow down and get sick. She was stressed and scared. I saw my dad less and less until one day he came out and gave us a hug and said good bye. I haven’t seen him since. My human siblings came and got Osha one day, because she had a stroke and loss the use of her back leg. After months without her and my dad I lost my energy. I am depressed and alone now. My life has completely changed; my home and my family are gone. My human siblings come to see me as much as they can, but I don’t live close to them. They told me a couple months ago Osha had passed away. I miss her so much. I just want things back the way they used to be.

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I love to play fetch!








My dad loved to dress me up!

My dad loved to dress me up!

Note from family: As I write this note from Dylan I am in tears. I wish I could take him, but I know my yard is not big enough for him and I have 2 dogs already and would not be able to give him the time he needs. I am a huge advocate for not surrendering your animals. They are your responsibility. The fact is Dylan was my dad’s dog and we didn’t see this coming. It is my responsibility now to find him a good home. Dylan was my dad’s best friend and giving him away is like giving away the last piece of my dad, i’s the last thing I want to do. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas gift than to have him in a loving home with a family who loves him. He is up to date on all his shots and heart worm neg. He is super sweet and loving. He, like any other new addition to your family, will need training to learn how he needs to behave in your home. Someone active would be great for him. He loves walks and playing outside. I know my dad hated them being outside, but it was just supposed to be temporary. When my dad passed away I took Osha and tried to get her healthy, but she had a neurological issue causing seizures and we had to put her down. I would hate for Dylan to have to spend this winter outside by himself. If you or anyone you know maybe interested in giving this sweet baby a warm home for the holidays please call me at 817-991-0110.