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This year Kings & Queens decided to dress the brains of the company up in costumes and get cute pictures! Sounded like a great idea, but getting 2 pitbulls to sit still with antlers on their heads and a cat wearing a hat in a box was another story!

xmas photo 15

This wonderful picture of them looks like it was a simple task, but this is right before Blu (far right) got up and pulled the lights out of the wall as he walked away, and Mittens (the cat) jumped out of the box and ran off wearing his hat. If you want to see all the hard work that went into making this pretty awesome pic check out the pictures and videos below! Enjoy…

photo 1

Unsure of their fate…

"mom is this necessary?"

“mom is this necessary?”

photo (5)


photo 2

I think he is plotting to kill me



Mittens is not amused!


Well, we had a blast making the the Christmas Cards and we hope you enjoyed laughing at our expense! Kings & Queens Pet Sitting wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!