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It’s that time of year again when Texas starts to heat up! It doesn’t stop us from getting out to the parks, going swimming, to the lake, or other outdoor events though. And we know you love to bring your pup along for the fun, but will you be able to tell if it’s too hot for them? Dogs eliminate heat through their paws and by panting. If they do not have access to shade and fresh water of course they can get too hot, just like we can.

Signs your dog is over heating or experiencing heat stroke:

1.) They are panting excessively and look uncomfortable. They may lay down, sit up, lay down, then get up and pace around. This is a sign they are uncomfortable and are trying to get comfortable.

2.) Are they weak? Are they having trouble sitting up and seem to sprawl out on the ground and don’t want to move?


3.) Dizziness. Do they seem disoriented?


4.) Are they vomiting or trying to vomit? 

5.) Check their tongue, saliva, and gums. If their tongue is bright red, sticky or thick saliva, and have bright red or pale white gums, they may be experiencing heat stroke.

Our dogs can become overheated fast. Be sure to keep an eye on them whether out at an event or just in your backyard. Make sure and check out how to prevent heat stroke from happening and what to do if it does!

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