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Blossom, a 5 month old tabby, was found Friday, September 25th roaming an apartment complex close to AT&T Stadium with third degrees burns on her face and ears. The veterinarian at the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) , Cynthia Jones, said the burns were consistent with torture. Most likely a lighter or a blow torch. The top of Blossom’s ears had to be removed due to dead skin tissue and the fear of them getting infected.

Blossom is said to have a long road ahead of her, but will eventually be able to lead a relatively normal and happy life. Once Blossom is fully healed she will be put up for adoption at HSNT. If you would like to donate to help with Blossom’s care HSNT is currently accepting donations on their site or by mail at 1840 E. Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76103.

If someone can do this to an animal they can do it to a human. I hope they find whoever did this. If you have any information on who did this HSNT’s Humane Investigations Department can be reached by phone at (817) 332-4768 x113 or by email at

 Even after this cruelty happened to Blossom she still shows compassion. Here is a video of Blossom getting love from HSNT staff.

3 Ways we can help prevent this from happening…

  1. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat keep close tabs on them. Never let them run off for days at a time and let them in at night if possible. It’s always better to keep cats indoor only, but you can find creative alternatives like large wire enclosures placed in your back yard or window enclosures that let them experience the outdoors in a safe environment. 
  2. Teach your kids at a young age how to treat animals. Never let them pull on tails/ears, or hit them. Teach them they feel pain just like we do and we need to treat them with compassion.
  3. The FBI is cracking down on animal abuse and you can help by signing this petition! Read, sign, and share!