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Owning a dog is like having a child. We have to make sure they eat right, see the Dr regularly, and make sure they get the right amount of exercise. Walking our dogs is crucial to their health, both mentally and physically.


As pet parents who work between 40-60+ hours a week, finding time for playtime, much less walks is almost non existent! After a long day, an hour commute, and then once home it is time for dinner… how do you find time? Don’t get me started on if you are a single parent!

A surprising 52.7% of US dogs are overweight or obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. When our pets are obese it puts them at risk for high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, many forms of cancer, kidney disease, cranial cruciate ligament injury, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and unfortunately decreases their life expectancy up to 2.5 years! I’m terrified of even thinking of my pet passing, much less cutting up to 2.5 years off their life! If you are like us, your dogs are your kids and taking care of them is right up there with taking care of your human kids and yourself!


Professional Dog Walker Exercising Dogs In Park


Dogs are walkers/ travelers by nature and no matter the breed or size all dogs need at least one 15-20 minute walk a day. Of course the sporting and herding breeds may need longer more rigorous walks. Not only is daily walks a part of their lifestyle, but it keeps their heart healthy, helps them lose weight or keep a healthy weight, and provides them with mental stimulation.


"The cat did it! We have one of those right?"

“The cat did it! We have one of those right?”


Have you ever heard the saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog”? Well, it’s true! Have you ever come home to chewed up furniture or a turned over trash can that was looted all over the house? Does your dog get severe anxiety when you are gone and constantly lick their paws causing redness and sores? Is your once sweet, dog friendly pup starting to show signs of aggression towards other people or dogs?

Walking your dog at least once daily can significantly reduce these behavioral issues. Walks give your dog a chance to see, smell, and experience the outside world, calming their nerves and giving them a chance to release all the built up energy. Walks are also wonderful opportunities to teach them manners. Even if you aren’t the one walking them the human interaction is perfect for creating great social skills.

You may think if you have a doggy door, a big yard, and possibly other companions for your dog that they may exercise themselves. The truth is, just like us we need motivation to work out. If your dogs are new to each other they may wear each other out and entice one another to go out and play, but once that newness has worn off they will start to get bored with playing with each other and start getting into things.



Skipping a day of walking here and there may not seem so bad and your dog may actually be ok on those days. However, dogs are creatures of habit and when you leave them without their walk they get anxious and can intensify any behavioral issues. You have thrown them off their routine and they are not sure what to do.

Do you not walk your dog because they have severe anxiety? Are they afraid of busy streets and loud noises? If so, walking them may not be the right thing to do right away. They will need to be desensitized to their fears. We have a wonderful trainer who we work with and would be more than happy to give out her info. Just give us a call or message us and we will connect you!



Are you just too busy to walk your dogs on a consistent basis? Don’t worry, who isn’t these days! Wouldn’t you love to come home to happy dogs who just wanted to spend time cuddling with you instead of bouncing off the walls? Give us a call today or use the form to the right to see how we can help enrich the lives of your pets and give you some much needed quiet time! Use code: DOGWALK for 5% of your first month of dog walking services!