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Whether it’s an emergency or planning months in advance our easy online booking makes it convenient for you to book at a moments notice, any time of the day!

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If you are a current client of Kings & Queens Pet Sitting you have an online profile with us through Leashtime.  You need to go here and enter your login to get started. If you are not a client with us  yet click here to sign up!

Once logged into your account you may see a list of policies come up. There are two reasons this pops up. 1.) this is your first time signing in or 2.) our policies have changed slightly and you will need to read and accept them. After you do that you will see a few tabs at the top of your profile. Click on “Schedule Services”.  There is a video that comes up on your right and it only takes a few minutes and really outlines different situations when booking. I recommend watching that video first!

There are five services to choose from and if you need clarification you can find them here. The “weekly visits” is our midday walk or puppy/senior potty breaks. These are at a discounted rate as long as there are a minimum of 3 visits a week, Monday-Friday.  If you are not sure which visit to choose give us a call!

Once you get the schedule you like review it and hit submit. Depending on how far in advance you book and time of day determines when we will get an invoice to you. Your invoice is your confirmation. If you do not receive an invoice in 1-2 business days (for upcoming trip) or in at least 7 business days (for trip planned months in advance) please give us a call to ensure it went through properly.

You will also receive reminders via email and/or text a couple days prior to your departure as well to confirm and you’re set to go! If you have any issues booking services let us know and we can help!

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