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How much does in home pet sitting cost? That is a great question and it depends on you and your pets needs. Having someone come to your home multiple times a day or staying overnight and providing your pets with tailored service and pampering is definitely a luxury service!

This is just a list of figures pulled from local companies in our area and how they can range to meet you and your babies needs.

Services- There are many services to choose from out there. Dog walking, vacation visits, overnights, live in, boarding at the sitters home, and puppy visits.

  • Dog walking (10-60 minutes) can range from $12-$45
  • Vacation visits (20-60 minutes) can range from $17-$45
  • Overnights (10-12 hours) can range from $60-$105 a night
  • Live in usually billed by the hour and can range from $25-$35 an hr (not many companies will offer this)
  • Boarding at the sitters home- multiple dogs may be there at once and can range from $50-$75 a day
  • Puppy visits (15-25 minutes) can range from $12-$25

Number of pets- Many comapanies charge for multiple pets. Sometimes it’s 2 or more and sometimes its 3 or more. Some may charge $2-$3 per additional pet per visit and some will charge a different price for every 2 or so you add on. I have even seen some charge more if your dog is over a certain weight (typically if boarding).

Extras- There are many extras that can be tacked on to your visits. Does your pet take meds, need walks, plants need watered, does the company charge per time? This can all add up in the end and you need to make sure you know what could cost you more in the long run. Pricing range for each as follows:

  • Meds- $2-$3 per administration
  • Walks- $5-$10 per walk
  • Watering- This one can get weird. I have seen it charged by the plant 25-50 cents per plant or by 15 minute increments. Some will even give you a complimentary watering up to so many plants.
  • Time- Most companies will offer a 25-30 minute visit. That is pretty standard. If you want more than that you will be charged per 15 or 30 minute increments. Usually about $5-$15 more.

Discounts- Ahh finally some relief. Some companies will offer discounts the more you use their services. Either weekly for dog walking or more visits in a day while you are out of town. Usually this will be a percentage (10-15%) but I have seen a couple dollars taken off each visit if used more than x amount in a day or week.

Distance- Most companies will travel 8-15 miles before charging you extra. It is hard to say how much extra because some do it per mile while others it can be a flat fee.


Overall, the average person with 2 pets will spend about $19-$25 for a 30 minute visit.


Give us a call and we can discuss your needs and give you an accurate quote!