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Well, it’s not really marijuana. It’s cannabidoil extracted from hemp! This is not to be confused with medical marijuana or medicinal hemp.

Today, so many pet parents are turning to more natural supplements as opposed to the chemical based medicines. Many of our clients give their dogs fish oil, coconut oil, cider vinegar, glucosamine, etc. to help alleviate certain pains and ailments. What if I told you that cannabidoil found in hemp worked better than all of these and was completely organic and safe for your pet?

I heard about Canna-Pet about 2 months ago and I am absolutely fascinated with it. Being a pet mom to 3 and wanting to make sure my pets stay as healthy as possible, I was interested to see what canna-pet was about and how it worked. My dog that passed away last year had seizures and arthritis, something that cannabinoils can possibly help with. I currently give my pets fish oil, coconut oil, and pumpkin in their food everyday. Hoping to help ward off ailments and illnesses as they age.

What is cannabidoil (CBD)?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that have been cultivated for thousands of years because they interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabinoid receptors are widely distributed in human and animal tissues, justifying the involvement of the endocannabinoid system in a great number of metabolic ways. Cannabidoil is typically extracted from the marijuana leaf and contains only a small amount of THC to produce medical marijuana for human consumption, unlike recreational marijuana containing high levels of THC that leaves you with the feeling of being stoned. However, I am extremely impressed with Canna-Pet. They have successfully and safely extracted cannabidoil from hemp and added terpenes and flavonoids including CBD, B- caryophyllene, CBC, CBG, limonene, a-pinene, and linalool, which are all whole-plant extracts. Read more about these extracts here!

So how is this safe for my pet?

Canna-Pet is a natural, non-GMO, plant based nutritional product and has no psychoactive effects like that found in marijuana containing high quantities of THC. It is safe for all pets small and large and even pets with food allergies! Many vets are offering Canna-Pet, and it is covered by insurance. However, it is always best to talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet supplements of any kind.


Hemp seeds and Hemp oil

Hemp seeds and Hemp oil

Will my pet become high?

No, your pet will not become high off of Canna-Pet’s tablets and treats. You hear of people giving their pets brownies with marijuana containing THC and blowing smoke in their face to help alleviate pain, but that may makes the dogs feel dizzy and nauseous. However, Canna-Pet is extracting CBD from hemp and since the THC levels are significantly lower than what you find in a product that started with marijuana, your pet won’t feel “stoned”. It also is legal since the THC is so low. That is why vets are backing it.


How will Cannabidoil help my pet?

ECS is a part of a physiological process including appetite, nausea, pain sensation, memory, inflammation, and mood. If your pet has arthritis, cancer, is getting older and losing their appetite, severe anxiety and other ailments Canna-Pet might be an option. Ninety-eight percent of survey respondents found Canna-Pet more effective than chrondroitin (for osteoarthritis), glucosamine (for joint pain), Lysine (amino acid), fish oil (omega 3), milk thistle (for liver repair, epilepsy), Q10 calming products or probiotics. If you are like me, your pets are your kids, and I will give anything a shot! Especially if it is a natural product!

Side effects:

The only thing you may notice is your pet may be a little more hungry than normal! So give them a couple extra treats throughout the day to curb their munchies!




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