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   Some of you may not know, but September 25, 2014 will mark the second annual “Remember Me Thursday” event. This special day was created by Mike Arms, CEO of the Helen Woodward Animal Center. This is a non-profit organization operating under the Mission statement that animals help people and people help animals. It is also a no kill shelter and provides a variety of assistance and programs for people and pets.
Mr. Arms created this day of remembrance to honor all of the orphaned animals that made their way into shelters worldwide and ended up being euthanized. They never made it out. This day is in honor of the countless numbers who have waited for adoption and a new home but were never fortunate enough to find one.

While the numbers are improving when it comes to euthanasia, there is still so far to go. The idea behind this event is to light a candle on this day. The candle will represent a life of a pet that has been needlessly extinguished. If more people are aware, if more people take action and step up to help we can rid this world of the act of euthanasia. This is the goal of Remember Me Thursday. To remember and honor all of the lives lost.

This event takes place the last Thursday of September. It is a time to promote adoption awareness. On this day as you light a candle think about the steps you can take to help. What can you do? Volunteer, become an animal advocate, donate or even adopt!
Saving a life is one of the most rewarding actions a person can experience.

This year please light a candle with us, spread the word on animal adoption awareness and let’s light up the world for our orphaned pets! Share your support on social media with hashtag #RememberMeThursday