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Kings and Queens takes great care of our cats, turtle, and fish! I like that they send pictures to us everyday of our happy cats. I switched services after my previous pet sitter forgot to visit. With Kings and Queens computerized schedule, I don’t worry about that any more. I can view the schedule on my computer and get a text everyday when the visit is complete. Easy and worry-free.

Steve M.

Kings and Queens Pet Sitting! Bonded, excellent, my Rotties pray I will go out of town so they can see their sitters.

Becky P.

They are awesome too and have been taking care of our 2 dogs for the past 2 years or so.

Kevin K.

We have used Scherree and her associates for years now. We no longer have a pet, but they come check on the pool and house while we are out of town. Always pay attention to details. Need to make sure the pool stays full.

Valene W.

When my Mom passed away we were in need of someone to watch our two dogs while we went north for her funeral and burial. We had bad experience with other pets at kennels, vets and such. After an extensive search online Google led me to Kings and Queens Facebook page and thank goodness it did! I got in touch with them online and received a fast reply. Scherree was an Angel to us in our moment of need. We were able to have her come out to meet and setup the arrangements within just a couple days. We chose to have someone spend the night at our place with our pups and then they came every two hours or so during the day to let them out and play with them a bit. She and her staff kept us informed on our dogs while we were gone which was a huge weight off our already very heavy shoulders. Even texted us photos and videos. Plus they have an online program where you can read updates as well and make payments which made the whole process super simple. They were there when we needed them most and we are so thankful. I Highly recommend them to anyone who needs pet care.

Christine L.
I was very impressed with the service provided by Kings & Queens Pet Sitting. I was referred to them by a friend with the local Humane Society. This was the first time I had left my boys(they are my kids) overnight by themselves and they were quick to ease my fears and put me at ease. There was a storm in the area the first night we were gone. Amanda came and stayed with them until they were calm and relaxed. Most other people would have just come in, fed them and left. My older pup is very protective of me and not trusting right off of anyone…until he met Scherree and Amanda, he absolutely loved them from the first time they came over. I wanted very much to keep my boys in the familiar environment of their home and this was the perfect solution for us. We will definitely call them to watch our boys in the future!

We used the services of Kings & Queens Pet Sitting when we were on vacation. Previous to us going out of town, the owner and the sitter that was chosen to watch our 2 dogs came out for a meet and greet. It could not have gone better! I don’t have children, so my 2 dogs are everything to me. They took to both Scherree and Amanda right away. While we were gone they came 2x a day and not only fed, walked, and played with our furbabies, but also got our mail each day. Every visit came with a report on the visit via a secure website so I knew exactly how they were doing and if there were any issues. I also got pictures everyday to see how happy they were. Scheree really understood how I felt leaving my babies alone overnight for the first time and was very reassuring. We came home to 2 very happy, very well taken care of babies!

Leanne Y.

It is hands down the high point of her day. Chloe (the dog) nearly tears the front door down in order
to greet her walker. It is so obvious that both Sherree and Andrea love dogs. They scratch Chloe’s belly,
rub her head and talk to her.

Mary M.

Scharee was awesome! the pre meeting was very thorough! She took great notes. She & Amanda
sent us pics of the pups & put notes for us! This was a last minute visit too!

Jennifer N.

Very well, sitter was very engaged and provided photos and followed up thoroughly with any
questions or issues

Kristina S.

Sheree and Susan came to my house where I gave them keys and explained what I wanted done.
When I got home everything had been done as instructed. Results better than expected.

Diane P.

They are excellent. One of my dogs can be a little shy and skittish initially but after a few minutes she was playing with the pet sitter and sitting in her lap. By the second visit, she was excited to see the sitter and now thinks of her as her new best friend. I get texted a report each visit along with pictures of all of my “babies.” One of the girls even vacuums up the pet hair before I come home! They are amazing, and worth every dollar. I know my pets love them and are in great hands whether I’m at work or away for the weekend.

Leigh F.

Kings & Queens was excellent! They came over during the time I requested each day, watered the
plants, picked up the mail, took great care of the dog. Fed, watered and played with her. I received
reports and pictures after each visit. Very pleased, will hire again.

Sherri W.

I was incredibly happy with the ladies at kings and queens. Scherree and Amanda were incredibly responsive and kept me informed after every visit. I have one very shy cat and Amanda worked very hard to gain his trust and make him feel safe. I felt like they loved the cats as much as I do which is very refreshing. Their prices are reasonable, especially since they go above and beyond for your pets. I will be using Kinds and Queens any time I leave town. They also have an app where you can plan for your trips, get pictures of the pets and info on their well being, and pay for their services. I really don’t think I can put into words how happy I am with Kings and Queens. If you are worried about the safety of your animals and your home then look no further because these ladies will put your mind at ease!

Jenna L.

My labs behavioral has dramatically improved. Prior Molly’s visits she was on anxiety and allergy
medication daily. Her allergies have minimized as well as her anxiety behavior. She’s happy and sleeps
better ever since Kings and Queens pet sitting started.

Ivonne R.

We have used Kings and Queens for two years now and will continue to use them for as long as they are in business. Scherree is a fantastic and caring business owner and pet sitter. Our babies love her and look forward to seeing her whenever they can. We know we can trust her to take care of our critters as if they were her own. Our dog has medical issues and I never doubt that she will be given the care she needs to keep her safe and healthy when we aren’t there.

Pamela R.

We felt so so comfortable that our fur babies were in such great hands! Aside from reading the daily notes, we got daily pics and updates on how our dogs were doing while we were away. It was the first time to leave them for 8 days and I loved they were comfortable in their own home and so well taken care of. We will definitely use their service again! Thank you so much!

Jen P.

We have used King and Queens twice & will keep on using them. They are very loving & very professional. Having owned my own Pet Sitting Company serving large amount of clients for years before having our children, they operate just as I would for my clients & my own fur babies. This job is a passion & they are committed in making sure every pet & their home is safe & secure. You will get daily updates, pictures & your own profile you can log into for updates & scheduling. Thank you King and Queens, our week long vacation was easier not worrying about our animals & home!

Ali M.

We hired Kings and Queens Pet Sitting to care for our 3 dogs while we went on vacation for a week. I can’t say enough goods things about them, specifically Sherree, Amanda and Ashleigh. Not only did they take care of our 3 dogs twice a day, but they spent time playing with them, cuddling and just keeping them company. They also fed our fish, watered the plants inside and out, took the trash out, got the mail every day (even sorted it for us!), open and closed blinds and turned various lights off and on. They even vacuumed the house before we got home. The best part: they sent me daily pictures of my 4- legged kids and posted detailed notes after every visit. They went above and beyond by making an unplanned trip to my house when the alarm went off, to make sure everything was ok and locked up. It turned out to be a false alarm due to wind/ weather. Sheree and her staff were amazing and I was able to enjoy our vacation without worrying about my dogs, and the dogs were happy!! I highly recommend them for pet sitting and definitely will be using them exclusively in the future. Great experience! 

Kim U.

We have been utilizing Kings and Queens for our fur babies for about 3 years, and I can’t imagine anyone one else caring for them. I love the constant attention they give all our pets and the extensive communication and pics that we get while in their care. Recently, a friend used another pet sitter, and had a horrible experience. I will recommend Kings and Queens to everyone I know who has pets.   

Michelle S.

The service was excellent and I would definitely recommend Kings & Queens Pet Sitting.  They sent photos of the dogs while we were away via text and all was well when we returned home.  The dogs were happy to see us return, but we could tell they were well taken care of during our trip.

Vernon S.

Our pets were taken care of with genuine concern for their well being.  The provider even brought toys to play with them.  They also provided a product we could use to address a problem we are having with one of the cats.  We are fortunate to have located such a professional business owner.  She reponded to our need with a short lead time and has taken care of our pets  while we have been gone on three trips this summer

Patti W.

My cat is 19 years old, and although she’s in good health for that age, she needs wet food twice a day, lots of water, and basic attention.  The people at Kings & Queens did an outstanding job providing those services.  In addition they provided twice daily notes on how everything went and sent me pictures of my old lady cat while I was gone.  They also brought in my mail and newspapers.  I not only had the peace of mind of knowing someone who cared about the job they do keeping an eye on my cat and giving her daily attention, but I also knew that someone was over at the house twice a day.  I will definitely use them again.

Patricia J.

We LOVE Kings & Queens Pet Sitting! We have used them for every out-of-town trip since November of 2013, and have been extremely satisfied with their services. We’ve tried other sitters in DFW, with terrifying results. We’re out of their service area, but they do such a great job with our 2 cats, and 2 special-needs dogs, that we pay the additional travel fee. They are well worth it!

Karen C.

Everything was great! Scheree spent more time with our old dog than we ever expected her to, and sent us lots of pictures to show he was well taken care of. We will definitely be using her again!

Jason C.

Excellent! Scherree did a great job becoming friends with the dogs. We will certainly continue to use this service & would highly recommend.

Neal S.

They are wonderful!  We have two dogs and recently rescued a kitten.  In the past we have taken our dogs to a boarder when we were out of town, but now that we have a kitten we didn’t want to separate the family and looked into having someone come to our house to take care of all three.  They came out to our house for an initial visit to meet our pets, thoroughly explain their services and ask us detailed questions about our needs.  We never thought we would be so comfortable having someone care for our pets, especially considering we were trusting someone with our pets AND our home!   We’ve used them a few times now and I can’t imagine anyone else caring for our pets while we are away. When out of town, we schedule them to come 3 times per day:  early morning, mid-afternoon and evening.  The visits are not timed and they ensure the animals get plenty of love and exercise, as well as food/water/treats/etc.  What I think really sets “Kings & Queens” apart is they also care for our home while we are away…bringing in the mail, taking out the trash, checking all windows/doors, watering plants as needed and even checking on the pool.  We have a lot of potted plants outside that need watering when we are gone for extended periods and it’s great knowing both our pets and home are being cared for so well. And as a bonus, we receive daily pictures/videos too!  It warms our hearts to see our pets so happy at home all together when we are traveling.  We would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a pet sitter!!!

Jermonne S.

We were so happy with Kings & Queens! They took great care of our dogs and our house. They sent us pictures of the dogs daily and wrote great details of each visit.

Jason H.

I was very excited to find Kings and Queens Petsitting.  After speaking with Scherree, I had a good feeling about allowing her and her associates to come into my home and care for my 15 year old Husky named Kya.  They kept the same routine that Kya was used to including keeping her feeding schedule and giving her treats.  They also gave her the medication that she needed at the times she was used to receiving it.  I was provided with daily updates as to how Kya was doing.  I even received a picture of her.  I was able to go on vacation and actually relax because I knew that Kya was in good hands and would be well taken care of.  The business is run very professional and I would definitely use their services again.

Barbara P.

I would use them again in a heartbeat. My experience was very wonderful. I would recommend them. They were awesome.

Loretta B.

This was our first experience with a pet sitter. Our 11 yr old Shih-tzu Max had disk surgery last year and we were worried about leaving him for 2 nights and 3 days. They were fantastic and extremely professional. We received photos and detailed notes after every visit. Max loved Shelby and she played and spoiled him rotten each time. They got our mail and kept an eye on the house as well. It was worth every penny to have the peace of mind and we now feel comfortable going on longer trips. Will definitely use them again.

Kim C.

Excellent. They took care of and spoiled my fur babies like I would. I will definitely always use this company.

Angela K.

Scherree is absolutely wonderful. There is a reason that she has all excellent reviews; you don’t see that very often. She loves animals and is very good at interacting with them. She developed a bond with my elderly and fearful cat that pleasantly surprised my wife and me. The communication with Scherree was excellent. This is very important to us, so we can relax, knowing that the cat we love is being taken care of at the same level to which she is accustomed. We have used her before – several times – when we had a second cat, and the review of every time is exactly the same: EXCELLENT! Thank you, Scherree.

Peter D.

Everything went great highly recommend. We enjoyed getting photos while on our trip as well as updates so we could see how they were doing. I have very bad anxiety when I leave them from previous sitters. This was great for me no anxiety at all. They came 3x’s a day which made it easier on my animals to have their regular routine with extra love. Thank you so so much Scherree and Andrian AWESOME JOB!!!

Debbi K.

Scherree and her assistant showed up on time for a thorough consultation. They spent time w/our pets in front of me. I received a text & pictures every day we were gone as well as.

Jennifer O.

Excellent ! sent us photos & video each day & took very good care of them.

Jean T.

They worked really hard and were very wonderful working with my elderly pet that did not want to cooperate at first. They did an excellent job winning him over. I could not have been more pleased . Highly recommend !!!

Marsha F.

Scherree did an initial meet & greet showed her the house layout & where supplies were kept. Took a lot of notes & asked questions, my animals liked her. They were thorough & professional. My cat had to be rushed to the vet while I was gone & Scherree remained calm & informative. She did exactly the right things to make sure my cat was OK. I know I can trust them to keep my pets welfare at the top of the list.

Terri L.

Kings and Queens Pet Sitters rock! They did a wonderful job of taking care of our “kids” while we were out of town for Thanksgiving! Bear and Nixson were able to stay safe and comfy in their own home with lots of love and attention. Thanks Scherree for such a great job!

Lori B.

My Husband and I used Kings and Queens many times while we lived in Mansfield and were always very happy. Our little dog Heidi just loved Scherree! We highly recommend their service. You won’t be disappointed!

Stacey B.

The experience was great! They sent me picture messages and updates throughout the time I was gone.

John H.
westie dog

They were phenomenal. I love all my fur babies and didn’t have to worry at all while we were out of town.

Denise S.

Kings & Queens provided excellent service! Scherree and Shelby were great. They took excellent care of our pets and our home while we were away on vacation. They sent pictures of the pets and daily update texts to let us know how things were going which gave us so much peace of mind. We also really loved that we didn’t have to board our pets and they were able to stay home in their comfortable, familiar environment. When Scherree stopped by the next day to give us our house keys, the pets were thrilled to see her. I will definitely use Kings & Queens again and recommend them highly to anyone needing pet or house sitting services.

Tina J.

Scherree did a fantastic job. She took care of our cats like they were her own. She left us a note how our visits went overall.

James F.

I can personally recommend them! They took wonderful care of my high-maintenance beagle and my mom’s bichonne over Thanksgiving holiday. Wonderful!!

Suzanne McCabe

Let me say that Kings and Queens triple exceeded our expectations!!! Our fur babies have had some really bad experiences with pet sitters and boarding in the past, but we are so ecstatic to finally find someone who gets us, and our pets! Our kitten and cat were so loved and cared for while we were gone. They were in the best mood for two -three days after : ) We think Scherree and Brennan are the tops and totally recommend them for your pet sitting needs. Scherree played with them, took care of them and sent us pics of our babies everyday–this was very much a plus with me!!!! Daisy and Abbie would also like your fur babies to know that they don’t have to be nervous or worried when you the pet parent is away because they will be in great care with Kings & Queens!!!

Jodie M.

So thankful to Scherree Smith and Brennan for taking such GREAT care of our doggies while we were out of town!! If you ever need a pet sitter, be sure to check our their Facebook page Kings & Queens House Sitting and Pet Care

Leslie R.

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