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Complimentary Full Package Included with all Services

Kings & Queens Pet Sitting is not your typical pet sitting company. We understand that each pet is different and each household has a variety of pets with different needs. To accommodate everyone and ensure everyone gets personalized care we no longer time our visits. This allows us to stay as long as we need to make sure everyone is happy.

We offer walks (once a day or every visit), lots of playtime and exercise, feeding and fresh water daily, clean up messes, clean litter box and sweep around the area, administer meds if needed (topical and oral only), cuddling, pampering, and lots of love!

For the home we will get paper/mail, take out trash, water plants, alternate lights and blinds, check pool levels, and do home security checks on every visit.

We also want to keep you up to date on what is going on so we leave notes of every visit with pictures included in your client profile that will automatically get sent to you via text or email once we complete the visit. You can also access this information from an app on your smart phone or computer anytime! If there’s anything else just ask. We are dedicated to accommodating you and your loved ones while you are away!

Vernon S.

The service was excellent and I would definitely recommend Kings & Queens Pet Sitting.  They sent photos of the dogs while we were away via text and all was well when we returned home.  The dogs were happy to see us return, but we could tell they were well taken care of during our trip.

Vernon S.

Puppy Play Date

Even though we think of our pets as kids our job doesn't give us puppy leave when we get one! We can help keep your new puppy on their schedule and get them potty trained quicker. Puppies also need lots of activity and interaction to establish good social skills and help them turn into a well mannered adult pup! Set up weekly schedules at a discounted rate and come home to a happy pup and a clean house!

Dog Walking

Our dogs are social creatures and making sure they get out and see the world is important to maintain their health and good behavior. We will come over and get them out for a 20 minute walk, refresh their water, make sure their area is clean, and get your mail. Giving your dog at least 1- 20 minute walk a day can increase their life by up to 4 years. No matter the size of dog, walks are important to their health and social skills! Never feel guilty about leaving your pup at home for 8-10 hours a day again. Sign up for weekly walks at a discounted rate!

Senior Care

Do you have a senior dog that needs to go out more frequently throughout the day? As our pets get older it's harder for them to hold it for longer periods of time. If they are house trained they really try not to go inside which can cause urinary tract infections and urinary stones. Let us come by and let them out and/or go for a walk! Set up weekly plans at a discounted rate!


Pet Sitting

Whether you are working late, have a family emergency, or just want a relaxing getaway. We will be here for you! We offer multiple visits throughout the day to mimic your normal routine. We understand that each pet and household is different. We don't time our visits, so we can accommodate each pet's needs. Many households have a variety of pet's with different ages and not timing our visit allows us to spend one on one time with each of them. When we leave they are content and ready for a nap!


Tuck In Service

When an overnight isn't really needed, but your pet is used to you spending time with them in the evening. Our tuck in service is perfect to spend the evening with your pets and let them out before bed. We will be there from 8 pm-10 pm and then we will be back in the morning to let them out and give them breakfast between 6 am-8 am.

Slumber Pawties

Are your pets used to cuddling up to you at night? We will come over and spend the night with them! This service includes a dinner visit between 5 pm-8 pm and then we will stay the night from 10 pm-6 am. This allows us to let them out before bed and get them breakfast in the morning!

Pet Sitting By The Hour

If you pet has severe anxiety or just had surgery we can sit with them for up to 4 hours while you are out! We will keep them company, get them anything they need, and administer medication if needed.

House Sitting

For when you don’t have pets, but would like your home to keep an occupied look! We will keep your plants alive and have your paper and mail waiting for you on the counter all while preventing break-ins.

Lock Out Service

Have you ever been locked out of your house?Locksmith's can be pricey, if we have your keys on file we can come let you in!

Please Note: During holiday periods this service may not be available or subject to additional fees.

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