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    Happy New Year!!!


It’s that time of year again when we decide we want to become healthier and quit terrible habits. It’s harder to keep New Years resolutions when you’re doing them by yourself, so grab your best friend (don’t lie it’s your dog) and let’s go!



Exercise More– Who doesn’t need to exercise! Even if you don’t need to lose weight walking/running can increase both you and your pups life by years! Bonus: it increases productivity helping you accomplish all the other things you need to do like last years taxes! Walking your dog can strengthen your bond, maintain good behavior and social skills. Find out how often is good to walk your pup here. Just remember it gets hot here so don’t walk your dog in these temps!


Being More Social– Want to get out and meet like minded people who love dogs just as much as you? Check out these places and go socialize. A couple other fun places not mentioned in that link are Mutts Cantina in Fort Worth and Dallas, Lazy Dog in Arlington Highlands, and 7th street Fort Worth has tons of cool outdoor hang outs for you and your pup! Bonus: dress your dog with a suave hat or or a cool jacket and be the main attraction.




Eat Healthier- Eating healthier and knowing what’s in yours and your pets food is very important. Going out to eat just once a week can add up to a pound a year to your weight. How many times do you go out to eat? It may be a little more up front cost but doctors visits for both you and your pet will definitely decrease! The easiest way to keep this healthy habit is to eat similar meals. Cooking chicken for dinner? Add some cooked or raw (only if your dog is transitioned to eat raw) to their bowl and add some veggies you add to yours. Just keep in mind dogs cannot have cooked bones, and seasonings. In the morning while you’re making your smoothie add some blueberries, carrots, spring mix, or bananas to their kibble. Did you know adding green veggies to your dogs dry kibble 3x a week can reduce the risk of cancer by 90%! You and your companion will feel so much better eating clean!


Save Money- Well so far I saved you money from attending a gym and future Dr. bills, but try cutting back on Starbucks coffee every morning and eating out (which isn’t in keeping with eating healthier) and make your dog his own treats or toys! If you have pups that are aggressive chewers (meaning they destroy their toys rather than playing with them) these may not last very long. Always remember that when your dog plays with toys they must be monitored at all times. These can easily be torn apart and ingested. Check out Home Goods and the dollar store for some awesome inexpensive toys as well!




Travel More– Always day dreaming about that place you want to visit? Don’t wait until you are retired, go now! We are not promised tomorrow, so have a bucket list and start crossing things off! Most hotels now allow dogs (these chain companies listed should be pet friendly nation wide), but if not leave them with the next best thing, us! Treat your pup to a relaxing in home pampering while you are out seeing the world.





Learn a New Skill- Ever wanted to try a new hobby out, but don’t know where to star?. Youtube is a great place to learn how to do things with tutorial videos. Bonus if it’s something you and your pet can do together! This goes for your dog too! Ever heard the saying “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” that is a myth. With patience and practice even your senior pup can learn a new skill!




Tell us what New Years resolutions you have going on below in the comment section!