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We love taking our pets every where with us, but in Texas that can be challenging in the summer months. Is your dog experiencing heat exhaustion? Keep these tips handy if your dog goes to summer events with you!


What do you need to do if your dog is too hot:


1.) Get them to shade or inside where there is air conditioning

2.) Get them cool or room temperature water to drink. Never get them ice cold water, because the extreme change in temperature can send their body into shock. If your dog hasn’t had water in a while then they may want to drink really fast. Make sure they take in a little water at a time. Too much water at once causes electrolyte levels to drop, thinning blood plasma, and leading to swelling of the brain and other organs. Side note: dogs can also take in too much water when swimming, diving in the lake for objects or playing with the hose, so make them take breaks every few minutes to ensure they don’t ingest too much water at once. If they are not wanting to drink, DO NOT force them to. If you put water in a dog’s mouth that cannot swallow the water may get into their lungs.

3.) If you have access to an outdoor pool or hose you can run cool water over them gradually. Don’t throw them in the pool or drowned them with the hose, because you may drop their temp too fast. If you don’t have access to those then a water bottle or just a wet rag, again, cool, not cold will work. With a wet cloth you can wet the insides of their ears, their paws, and the back of their neck. This will help them cool down quicker.

4.) You will need to check your dogs temperature as soon as possible to ensure he doesn’t need to be rushed to the vet immediately. If his temp is above 105 he needs to go to the vet. 105 or less you can use all of the above to get it down. A dogs normal temp is 101-102.5. Monitor his temperature until he’s back to normal.


How to prevent heat stroke:

1.) Don’t leave your dogs unattended outside in extreme temperatures. Especially in cars!! I know this sounds like common sense, but I still see people do it! Don’t get mad if you come out and your window is smashed and your dog is gone. If it is 85 degrees out side you car can get up to 102 in 10 minutes on the inside. Even leaving your windows partially open doesn’t help drop that temp. If you have your dog and you have to make a stop take them home first. Some places are even offering to watch your dogs while you shop!

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2.) Don’t walk or exercise your dog on how pavement. Not only will it burn their paws, but the heat rising from the asphalt or concrete can quickly overheat them. Walk your dog early in the morning or a little after sunset. This is the exact reason why we don’t walk our client’s dogs above 90 degrees.

3.) If your dog is out playing or out at an event with you, make sure he has some sort of shade and fresh water. If it’s over 90 degrees you should monitor their play. If they are out with you and you are hot they are probably hot, so go inside for awhile!

4.) Give your dog a trim, but do not shave them as that can do more harm than good. Keep their fur brushed and clean for better air circulation.

5.) Keep your dogs cool with these products!


 If you take your dog with you in the summer make sure you pack things to keep him cool too!

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