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Are you feeding cats in your neighborhood or know someone who is? Did you know there are groups and individuals in our city who will help get them spayed or neutered so that the population of “Free Roaming, Feral, Stray” cats is controlled?


Maybe you have heard of Trap, Neuter, Return or TNR. A resolution was passed by the Arlington city council on August 20, 2013 to allow for a TNR program. TNR keeps the cats from reproducing and will no longer fight for mates and territory. Even the stinky spraying will be eliminated or dramatically reduced. And eventually the population of outdoor cats will be reduced because they will die a natural death.


Trapped feral waiting to get shots and sterilization


For your neighbors who insist that the cats be removed, there is something called the “Vacuum Effect”.. It has been scientifically proven for many species including cats. Once you remove a population of animals, more move in. They are there for a reason, there is food, water, and shelter. But if you get the population that is there spayed and neutered, they will protect their territory and seldom let unsterilized animals in. You have sterilized, rabies vaccinated, healthy and happy cats who live out their lives under the care of those who love them.



Arlington spent half a million taxpayer dollars every year killing well over three thousand cats each and every year. And the population has not decreased. Wonderful dedicated groups and individuals have spayed and neutered close to 2,000 cats in Arlington in the last year without costing the taxpayers any additional money.  TNR is not perfect but it is better than what we have been doing for decades. Financially and morally we are a better city with TNR.






Written by our wonderful sitter, Kathryn Beeler

Kathy helped to get TNR approved in Arlington and she is currently volunteering with the TNR clinic. Want to know how you can become involved?

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