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I was driving one day and saw a bird sitting in the middle of the busy street. Normally when you see birds in the middle of the street they fly off as they see you come closer. (Please slow down as they cannot tell how fast you are going and you could injure them.) Well this day as I slowed down he still didn’t move so I got out as cars started to stack up behind me and he allowed me to pick him up. I was able to get him to someone to take to a wild life center where they rehabilitated him and set him free.

Have you ever been outside and noticed that a bird is having trouble flying or seemed injured. Your first instinct was to probably put him on higher ground so other animals can’t get to him, but if he is injured there is a good chance he won’t make it.

The best thing to do is first determine if he is actually injured or just learning to fly. If he is hopping around he most likely is a fledgling. It may take him 2 days to a week to learn how to fly but the parents will still be caring for them and protecting them.

If the bird is not hopping or fluttering and doesn’t appear to be injured it might be a nestling bird and is too young to be away from the nest. Most likely he just fell out. Put the bird back in the nest and watch for up to 2 hours to see if parents continue care. If they don’t proceed with rescue. If the nest fell with the bird attach a shallow basket or container to the tree where the nest was.

If the bird is visually injured or lethargic, bleeding, then proceed with rescue. Find a small box and put small holes in it, put a towel in the bottom and take him to safety. Then call a wildlife center below for more help. Animal shelters and vet offices may not be able to help you.

Keep these numbers handy in case you ever find yourself in this situation like I did once.

  • TWRC Wildlife Center of Houston (713) 468-TWRC
  • Blackland Prairie of Collin County (469) 964-9696
  • Rogers Wildlife Center (972) 225-4000
  • DFW Wildlife Hotline 972.234.9453